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Kruger National Park Rest Camps, Private Camps, Bushveld Camps & Tented Camps

Camps In The Kruger Park: The Kruger National Park has a wide variety of Rest Camps dotted throughout this magnificent game reserve. The camps in the Kruger cater for everyone and all budgets. Listed below you will find all the Kruger National Park camps, including a few Private camps on the borders of the Kruger National Park. These camps are on private land but are not fenced off from the Park.

Explore The Kruger National Park Camps

You will be able to find out all the information on the camps, as well as our personal experiences within these camps. We will also include the wildlife you might be able to see in the camps themselves.

Listed below are all the camps in the Kruger National Park:

Kruger National Park Rest Camps

  • Berg-en-dal Rest Camp
  • Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp
  • Letaba Rest Camp
  • Lower Sabie Rest Camp
  • Mopani Rest Camp
  • Olifants Rest Camp
  • Orpen Rest Camp
  • Pretoriuskop Rest Camp
  • Punda Maria Rest Camp
  • Satara Rest Camp
  • Shingwedzi Rest Camp
  • Skukuza Rest Camp

Kruger National Park Satellite Camps

Kruger National Park Tented Camps

  • Tamboti Tented Camp
  • Tsendze Camp Site

Kruger National Bushveld Camps

  • Bateleur Bushveld Camp
  • Biyamiti Bushveld Camp
  • Shimuwini Bushveld Camp
  • Sirheni Bushveld Camp
  • Talamati Bushveld Camp

Kruger National Park Bush Lodges

  • Boulders Bush Lodge
  • Pafuri Border Bush Lodge
  • Roodewal Bush Lodge

Kruger National Park Overnight Hides

  • Sable Overnight Hide
  • Shipandani Overnight Hide

Kruger National Park Private Camps

GPS Co-ordinates Of Some Of The Kruger National Park Camps

Balule Private Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.056S, 31.729E

Bateleur Bushveld Camp Co-ordinates:

-23.2341S, 31.2023E

Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp Co-Ordinates:

-25.42S, 31.4512E

Biyamiti Bushveld Camp Co-ordinates:

-25.3212S, 31.699E

Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-25.3589S, 31.892E

Letaba Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-23.851S, 31.5767E

Lower Sabie Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-25.1198S, 31.9159E

Malelane Private Camp Co-ordinates:

-25.4771S, 31.511S

Maroela Caravan Site Co-ordinates:

-24.4507S, 31.4012E

Mopani Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-23.5274S, 31.3998E

Olifants Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.0057S, 31.7402E

Orpen Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.4529S, 31.4054E

Pretoriuskop Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-25.1692S, 31.2687E

Punda Maria Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-22.6919S, 31.0181E

Satara Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.3926S, 31.7795E

Shimuwini Bushveld Camp Co-ordinates:

-23.7112S, 31.2717E

Shingwedzi Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-23.1136S, 31.4331E

Sirheni Bushveld Camp Co-ordinates:

-22.9494S, 31.2309E

Skukuza Rest Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.9898S, 31.5926E

Talamati Bushveld Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.5574S, 31.5551E

Tamboti Tented Camp Co-ordinates:

-24.4618S, 31.3984E

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