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All The Kruger Park Camps, Gates, Lookouts, Hides & Picnic Spots

Although the main aim of Stories Of The Kruger is to teach, educate and share experiences with you, we also would like to add some general information articles about the Kruger National Park.

Everyone needs to know the general information of the Kruger National Park and here we will show and tell you everything you need to. Imagery and videos will guide you through the greatest place on Earth, the Kruger Park!

This page is your quick guide to all the Kruger Park Camps (Rest camps, private camps, tented camps, bushveld camps), all the Kruger Park Gates (Opening and closing times and general information), all the Kruger Park Lookout Points (And get out points), all the Kruger Park Hides (Game and bird hides) and all the Kruger Park Picnic Spots (With information on what is available at each).

You can have a look at our Stories Of The Kruger Map for exact locations and directions to each of these places.

Kruger National Park Camps

Have a look at individual camps in depth, told from a story point of view from our experiences in each of the camps. All camps in the Kruger are covered, this also includes private camps we have got permission to write about as well.

Kruger National Park Gates

View all of the 11 gates in the Kruger Park. Make sure you know the opening and closing times for each month of the year. Below you will find the contact numbers for the gates and camps in the Park. These can help in emergency situations…


Kruger National Park Lookout/Get Out Points

Browse through individual pages that show each lookout point with in depth information and our experiences at them.

Kruger National Park Bird Hides/Game Hides

Read through our incredible stories at the various hides throughout the Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park Picnic Spots

If you are looking for a quiet break or any area to braai or buy food, you will be able to read through each of the Picnic Spots to find the one that most suits you!

Kruger Places page with all the above spots listed.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Also don’t miss out on our exciting adventures and amazing wildlife gallery.

We hope the Kruger National Park is everything you believed it would be… Happy viewing!

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