Kruger Park Videos

Videos From The Kruger National Park

Kruger Park videos really bring the Greater Kruger National Park to life. Looking at amazing photos and reading through interesting articles sometimes isn’t enough to get your Kruger Park fix.

This page is dedicated to Kruger Park videos. Here you will be able to view trip reports, short animal videos, bird call and animal call videos, and a lot, lot more!

Our Kruger Park Videos

We have gone through a long process here at Stories Of The Kruger to gather as much video footage since the start of 2018. We are constantly uploading videos to our YouTube channel (Here is a link where you can watch the videos). The videos contain all sorts of elements from the Kruger National Park.

We have bird call videos, with video and sound, animal call videos with accompanying photographs, general specific animal videos, trip reports and VLOG’s, which can all be watched on the channel. If you would subscribe to our YouTube channel we really would appreciate it!

All Links To Our Videos Can Be Found On This Page


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We Now Offer Guided Bird Watching Tours In The Kruger National Park...

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