Kruger Park Map

Kruger National Park Map – PDF & Hard Copy

Do you need a Kruger Park Map? Well you have come to the right place! Stories Of The Kruger has spent 12 months developing the ultimate Kruger Park Map. This Kruger Park Map includes everything you can think of, you can see what you get in the Map below. Having a map in the Kruger National Park is essential. Even though the roads are easy to navigate and the road signs with distances are plentiful, you can use your map to plan daily routes, check where roads go and what they go past (e.g. place of interest or waterhole) and use it to decide where to plan your next Kruger trip.

Our Kruger National Park Map Will Be Available Soon

A lot of design, skill and attention to detail means that we have had to take a few years to get this map ready, just for you!

What You Will Get With Your Kruger Park Map

Be The First To Get The Kruger Park Map PDF & Pre Order Now For A 50% Discount

As soon as the “Stories Of The Kruger – Kruger Park Map” has been finished, you will be the first to know. You will qualify for a 50% discount on the map and we will send the PDF straight to you. You do not need to worry about payment. We will contact you to see if you are still interested, with a preview, and then you can make up your mind from there!

It will only cost you R110.00, plus your discount, so R55.00 for the most comprehensive Kruger National Park Map you have ever seen!


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In The Mean Time…

Would you like to have a look at our Kruger Park Shop? We have a range of free downloadable products, such as checklists of mammals, birds, reptiles and trees.

We also have our very own book: The Kruger Park, Far More Than The Big Five.

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