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Kruger Park Books can be found on this page. Our featured Kruger National Park book is, “The Kruger: Far More Than The Big Five – A Waypoint Journey“.

This Kruger Book takes us on an adventure throughout the Kruger, traversing every road and seeing everything you could imagine. It was written by my father, Tony Roocroft, who spent 30 days in the Kruger National Park, driving every road and recording everything he saw, from butterflies to elephants. More can be learnt about this trip on TheKruger.Com (Will open in a new tab so you do not need to worry about leaving this page).

The Kruger, Far More Than The Big Five

A brief summary of this book (Please see inserts from the book below):

The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.

Tony Roocroft explores this incredible Park, travelling every route. His ‘Waypoint Journey’ highlights 48 of these routes – as a Photographic Journal of the experience. The book is filled with useful travel information, wildlife facts and over 55 maps.

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So… What’s In This Kruger Park Book?

The Kruger, Far More Than The Big Five: A Waypoint Journey is full of all sorts of information. It tells the story of adventure, and documents every road, every sighting, every place and all sorts of other hidden gems that one may miss when driving through the Kruger National Park.

  • 429 Pages Full Of Info & Photographs
  • Detailed Information On Every Kruger Road
  • 55 Custom Maps Following The Journey
  • Fun Facts & Interesting Stories
  • All Creatures Big & Small

Below you will find a gallery of some screen shots from the Kruger Park Book available for sale. It can be bought as a PDF, or as a Hard Copy in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. There are links above and below to use when purchasing this book from Stories Of The Kruger, or Amazon.

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