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Our Kruger Park mammal checklist has been made just for you! It is a great item to take with you to the Kruger National Park to keep record of what you have seen and where you have seen the animal. This checklist has every mammal that has ever been recorded in the Kruger. there are over 140 mammals on this checklist. From Bats to Antelope, Predators to Large Animals, this has it all…

What Does The Kruger Park Mammal Checklist Include?

  • Animal Names
  • Unique List
  • Tick Box
  • Description Box to mark down where the animal was seen
  • Photographs
  • 8 Pages
  • Rare animals included, like the Oribi and Brown Hyaena
  • 147 Different Mammals

Kruger Park Animals African Wild DogThe Kruger National Park is full of animals, and not many people know that there are close to 150 different species. We have been lucky enough to see more than 60. The diversity is truly amazing. If you drive slow, or walk around the camps, you can often see the smaller rodents like Mice as well as the smaller mammals such as Mongoose.

It is always a great thing to remember that the Kruger Park is not just about the big animals. It is also about every other mammal that makes up the ecosystem. Then we have birds, plants, fish, reptiles, frogs, insects and arachnids. The more time you take on your travels, the more you will see. The nice thing about taking things slower is that you can also pick up special sightings that may be camouflaged by the grass or greenery. Leopard and Lion can often be seen by doing this. Many people will miss such sightings. Remember you are in the wild, anything can happen at any moment. Don’t rush around looking for the Big 5, you have a better chance of seeing them when you drive slowly, especially on the dirt roads that are not driven as much as the tar roads.

We really hope this Kruger Park Mammal checklist helps you and you can put it to good use. The free download link is above.

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