Kruger Park Places

Kruger Hides, Picnic Spots, Lookout Points, Rivers, Roads, Camps & More

Kruger Park places – There are many points of interests in the Kruger National Park. Places like bird hides, lookout points, historical places, picnic spots, rivers, roads, camps and more will be covered on this page. These Kruger Park places can all be viewed in detail below.

The Kruger is not just about driving around, it is also about exploring, learning and sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of the bush and watching the life of the bushveld unfold. This can be done at all the places covered on this page. Each point or place of interest has a link to it’s own page.

The points all have links below, click on them to see photographs, videos, learn about the places and what their names mean, and then of course read about what animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures can be seen at these spots.

Kruger Park Places – Picnic Spots

Kruger Park picnic spots can be found in-between camps and other get out points and are great places to visit curio shops, buy yourself a cold drink or cook yourself some well-deserved breakfast. Listed below are all the picnic spots (in alphabetical order) that can be found throughout the Kruger National Park.

  • Afsaal Picnic Spot
  • Babalala Picnic Spot
  • Makhadzi Picnic Spot
  • Mlondozi Picnic Spot
  • Mooiplaas Picnic Spot
  • Muzandzeni Picnic Spot
  • Nhlanguleni Picnic Spot
  • Nkhulu Picnic Spot
  • N’wanetsi Picnic Spot
  • Pafuri Picnic Spot
  • Timbavati Picnic Spot
  • Tshokwane Picnic Spot

Kruger Park Places – Bird Hides/Game Hides

Bird hides, or game hides are great places to sit and take in the African bushveld. You can see all sorts of bird life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, trees and flowers, and of course animals at these hides. Listed below (in alphabetical order) are all the bird hides or game hides that can be found in the Kruger National Park.

  • Bateleur Camp Hide
  • Biyamiti Hide At Biyamiti Bushveld Camp
  • Gardenia Bird Hide
  • Kanniedood Bird Hide
  • Lake Panic Bird
  • Matambeni Hide
  • Nthandanyathi Bird Hide
  • Nyawutsi Hide
  • Pioneer Dam Hide
  • Punda Maria Rest Camp Hide
  • Ratel Pan Hide
  • Sable Dam Hide
  • Shimuwini Bushveld Camp Hide
  • Shipandani Bird
  • Sirheni Camp Bird Hide
  • Sweni Bird Hide
  • Talamati Camp Hide

Kruger Park Places – Lookout Points

Lookout points and get out spots are situated all over the Kruger National Park, and are great places to get out and stretch your legs and scan the plains for all types of game. Listed below (in alphabetical order) are all the lookout points and get out spots in the Kruger National Park.

  • Albasini Ruins Get Out Point
  • Bobbejannkrans Lookout Point
  • Crooks Corner
  • Gayisenga Lookout Point
  • Gezantfombi Dam
  • Grootvlei Dam
  • Hippo Pools
  • Kruger Tablets Get Out Point
  • Longwe Lookout Point
  • Mathekenyane Lookout Point
  • Matjulu Lookout Point
  • Mingerhout Dam
  • N’wamanzi Lookout Point
  • Nkumbe Lookout Point
  • Olifants Lookout Point
  • Orpen Dam Lookout Point
  • Orpen Rocks Get Out Point
  • Rabelais Hut Get Out Point
  • Red Rocks Lookout Point
  • Shabarumbe Confluence Lookout Point
  • Shibavatsengele Lookout Point
  • Stapelkop Dam
  • Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Tablet Get Out Point
  • Timbavati Lookout Point
  • Tropic Of Capricorn Get Out Point
  • Tshanga Lookout Point

Other Kruger Park Places & Points Of Interest

Kruger Park Roads

There are over 3000 kilometers of roads in the Kruger National Park, and the page below is dedicated to all the roads in the Kruger. Every road has it’s own page and describes the road, general area and what can be seen. Dirt roads, private roads and main tar roads are all covered.

Kruger Park Roads

Kruger Park Camps

Camps In The Kruger Park: The Kruger National Park has a wide variety of Rest Camps dotted throughout this magnificent game reserve. The camps in the Kruger cater for everyone and all budgets. The page below is dedicated to all the camps in the Kruger, including everything from private game lodges to tented camps.

Kruger Park Camps

Kruger Park Gates

There are 11 Kruger Park gates, including 2 border gates: Pafuri & Giriyondo. Knowing the gate times and the traveling distances to each camp and other gates is vital. The below link will take you to a page with all the gate information, closing and opening times and everything else you need to know.

Kruger Park Gate

Kruger Park Historical Sites

The Kruger National Park has such a rich history behind it, and there are many historical sites you can lookout for on your drive around the Park. All sorts of places can be seen, such as the place where the dog “Jock of the Bushveld” was born, and where Wolhuter was attacked by a Lion.

Kruger Park Historical Sites

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