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Kruger Blessings

The Kruger National Park is full of animals. When I say animals, I refer to everything from Elephants, to Eagles, Fish to reptiles and mice to insects. We have been so fortunate and extremely lucky to witness some amazing animal sightings in the Kruger. As my father always said, and what his book title states: “The Kruger is far more than the big 5”. Nothing can be more true.

Think about it (Our experience in Mopani), you are walking home from dinner with a small torch, and all of a sudden you see something right in front of you. A little climbing mouse scuffling around in a dead bush, not fazed by our light or us at all. What a pleasure!

Another example (This time in Shingwedzi), waking up one morning to see huge African rock python tracks all around your bungalow. That is something really special, and extremely rare to witness.

So… What Is This Page About?

This page is dedicated to all the mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and arachnids we have seen in the Kruger National Park.

They will be divided into separate pages (Listed below).

Each page will relate to the animals mentioned above, and will be divided into 2 columns. Animals we have seen and photographed, to animals we have seen or heard but not photographed. These will be linked to individual pages giving you an overview of the animal and some of the great sightings we have had with that particular animal. As mentioned throughout the site, we are not aiming at being very technical; we are sharing our stories with you. So yes there will be a bit of technical information, but we will explain our sightings and tell you where you can find them yourselves!

We hope you enjoy the pictures and the information to help you find the animal you are looking for!

Aimee & Gareth

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