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Imbali Safari Lodge is situated in a beautiful area full of Sausage and Jackalberry trees. This picturesque lodge is in the Mluwati Private Game Reserve. The Mluwati is a concession made up of 10 000 hectares and can be accessed via the S36/S145, which is roughly in-between Tshokwane and Talamati Bushveld Camp. It is close to the border of the Manyeleti Private Game Reserve and concession.

The Imbali Safari Lodge is part of the Greater Kruger National Park. The Greater Kruger encompasses all the Private Game Reserves that used to border the Park. Now it is a fence-free zone, allowing all sorts of animals to move freely between all the reserves and the Kruger Park. This means that animals can expand their territory or roam around areas that may have more vegetation and water during certain times of the year.

Imbali And Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodges

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General Information On Imbali Safari Lodge

Imbali Safari Lode is sheltered away in a riverine forest overlooking the seasonal N’waswitsontso River. Imbali Safari Lodge is built on the site of a 400-year-old African settlement that shows evidence of an ancient culture where clay pots, bone tools and grinding stones have been discovered.

The 12 suites in Imbali Safari Lodge are luxurious in every way. They are equipped with a beautiful Victorian-style bathroom and private plunge pool. Imbali Safari Lodge also accommodates children from the ages of 6 and up.

Dining here is picturesque with Jackalberry trees above you attracting a variety of bird life to keep you company. A beautiful pool is ready for you to relax and cool down whenever you may feel the need.

This lodge is close to the Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge.

Imbali Safari Lodge Activities

Game Drive

Activities At Imbali Safari Lodge

There is a perfectly situated waterhole at the lodge for all to enjoy. A variety of animals drink throughout the day, which includes Lion, Buffalo and Elephant.

Guided bush walks are a must. This is where you will experience the Kruger National Park at it’s finest. You can see and learn all about the bushveld on these walks, where you will feel part of the African bush for a few hours on foot.

There are also guided game drives and night drives.

Imbali Safari Lodge Animal Species


Animal Experience At Imbali Safari Lodge

Tree Squirrels abound at Imbali Safari Lodge and you can watch them playing and foraging, they are very entertaining. You might also be lucky enough to see the Lesser Bushbaby as they come out just before dusk during the evenings.

The waterhole offers endless game viewing opportunities, where you have the chance to see absolutely anything! The area is home to the elusive Caracal, and Sable Antelope can be seen in the vicinity too.

There are quite a few Lions in the area, and you can often hear them calling in the early morning.

Imbali Safari Lodge Birding

Lilac-breasted Roller

Birding At Imbali Safari Lodge

The Francolins and Spurfowl will make themselves known to you off the bat. These ground birds are constantly on the move and are very interesting to watch.

There are a few hundred species of birds that an avid birder can tick off their list here.

This is mainly a bushveld bird area; so Starlings, Rollers, Doves, Shrikes, Larks, Louries, Barbets, Babblers, Hornbills and small ground birds are the most common species. You also get a variety of seasonal water birds, raptors and the shy, but fairly common, Black-crowned Tchagra.

During the night listen out for the various owls that reside in the area. You might also hear a Nightjar if you are lucky – one of the sounds of the African bush.

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