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Kruger Park Camps – Berg-en-dal Rest Camp

The Berg-en-dal Rest Camp is one of our favourite public camps in the Kruger National Park. It is so special to us, that Aimee and I even spent our one-year wedding anniversary here. Berg-en-dal rest Camp is situated in the Southwestern corner of the Kruger National Park, amongst a rugged landscape of rolling hills and mountains. It is in a beautiful area. Berg-en-dal rest camp was established in 1984, and is one of the more new camps in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Dried up river beds surround the camp and tall trees grow along side the rivers, which never really fill up, even during flooding. The large trees are perfect homes for Leopards, and Berg-en-dal rest Camp has had their fair share of resident Leopards over the years. You will notice that the entire boundary of Berg-en-dal is fenced off, including the trees. This is to try and prevent Leopards from entering the camp.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp GPS co-ordinates: -25.42S , 31.4512E

The Berg-en-dal rest camp has what is known as a satellite camp called Malelane, which is just 10 kilometers away. We have an article about this camp as well. If you would like to read it just click on the link.

Now, back to Berg-en-dal. The camp is just 12 kilometers from the closest gate, which is Malelane. This beautiful camp has been perfectly preserved so all the vegetation and plant life can grow as it was intended to. It is also the only camp that occurs in a mountain setting, which is home to many rare species of birds, plants and antelope. Red Bushwillow and Magic Guarri are common trees in the vicinity, and the sweet grass attracts a variety of grazers. The area has Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebok and even Oribi, so keep your eyes peeled!

Berg-en-dal has a restaurant and a well-stocked shop, so you should not have an issue finding exactly what you need in the camp.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Activities

Berg-en dal rest camps, like all other large camps in the Kruger National Park, offer a variety of activities. One can do a bush walk, which really brings you back close to nature. You see and experience things you wouldn’t in your car or on a game drive. If you haven’t done a bush walk before, it is a must, and if you have, you will know how amazing they are.

Other walking excursions that can be done include the Bushman and Wolhuter wilderness tours, which need to be pre-booked and are overnight activities.

Speaking of walks. There is a great walk you can do through the whole of the Berg-en-dal rest camp. The Rhino Walking trail takes you along the perimeter of the camp and through the natural vegetation. If you are a runner/jogger, this is a great place to get your daily exercise. Please do not walk this trail after dark, even with a torch. Besides the threat of Leopards, there are also snakes, scorpions and spiders that enjoy this trail at night.

The Berg-en-dal Dam can be an activity on it’s own as well. Sitting and watching the waterhole can produce some amazing sightings of mammals and birds alike.

Bush breakfast and bush braai’s are available as well; these can be booked before your trip or at reception. They include a game drive to the venue as well.

There is a children’s seasonal education program, and a rhino museum in the reception area of Berg-en-dal. This display covers all sorts of interesting creatures, besides the Rhino, that can be seen in the area. It also covers vegetation and other interesting information.

Guided game drives are also available. You can choose from an early morning, sunset or night drive – all worth doing.

There is in-camp entertainment with wildlife films being showed every evening, weather permitting, in an outside style cinema close to reception. Check the details for what is on when.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Wildlife

The Natal Mahogany trees attract a huge variety of birdlife that seek the tree’s seeds. If you are a birder, you do not even need to leave the camp to tick off a huge number of bird species. Species such as the Cape Starling, Violet-backed Starling, Jacobin Cuckoo, Great-spotted Cuckoo, Blue Waxbill, Common Waxbill, Brown-headed Parrot, Natal Spurfowl, Dark-capped Bulbul, Red-billed Hornbill, Kurrichane Thrush, Purple-crested Turaco, Black-collared Barbet, Fork-tailed Drongo, Orange-winged Pytilia, Gorgeous Bush Shrike, Eastern Black-headed Oriole, European Nightjar, Fantailed Flycatcher, African Paradise Flycatcher, Croaking Cisticola, Amethyst Sunbird, Scarlet-chested Sunbird, White-bellied Sunbird, African Barred Owlet, Pearl Spotted Owlet, African Scops Owl and even the Pennant-winged Nightjar are all birds to look out for in the Berg-en-dal Rest Camp.

Weavers, Storks, Geese, Egrets and waders can be seen at the dam close to the restaurant.

There are a number of snake species and other reptiles such as the Rainbow Skink and Giant Plated Lizard can be seen here too.

The animal species are prolific as well. Bushbuck, Common Duiker, Impala, Warthog, Banded Mongoose, Dwarf Mongoose and Southern Tree Squirrel all call the camp home. At night Lesser Bushbaby, Genets and Civet can be seen wondering around.

The waterhole brings almost every large animal you can think of. The more common animals that hang around the waterhole are the camp residents, as well as Buffalo, Kudu and Waterbuck. Wild Dogs, Leopard and Elephant drink here as well.

Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons are always around, so keep a close eye on them and your possessions.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Accommodation

The accommodation at Berg-en-dal is very underrated. We find it to be some of the best accommodation in the Kruger National Park. It is clean, comfortable and well laid out. Staying on the perimeter, whether you are camping or staying in a bungalow, is a great experience.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Camping & Campsites

There are 72 camping and caravanning sites, all with electricity. The communal ablutions are clean and well managed and there is hot water 24 hours a day. Cleaning up and cooking facilities are available. Each stand has it’s own braai.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Bungalows

We have stayed in a few different bungalows at Berg-en-dal and they have been amazing. There are 69 3-bed chalets with en-suite bathrooms, a shower, air conditioning, hotplates, braai facilities, utensils and sinks.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Family Cottages

There are 23 6-bed bungalows for the family to enjoy, or larger groups. They each have 2 rooms and 2 bunk beds in the lounge area. There is an open plan kitchen, dining room, bathroom with shower and bath, braai facilities and air conditioning.

Berg-en-dal Rest Camp Guest Houses

Berg-en-dal boasts 2 beautiful guest houses, the J Le Roux Guest House (6 sleeper with 3 bedrooms) and the Rhino Guest House (8 sleeper with 4 bedrooms).

These luxury guest houses are in the perfect spots in Berg-en-dal and have equipped kitchens with microwave ovens, en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and even DSTV, with limited channels.

Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp Gate Opening Times:

  • November, December, January – Opens 4.30am; Closes 6.30pm.
  • February – Opens 5.30am; Closes 6.30pm.
  • October, March – Opens 5.30am; Closes 6.00pm.
  • April, August, September – Opens 6.00am; Closes 6.00pm.
  • May, June, July – Opens 6.00am; Closes 5.30pm.

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