The Kruger World Cup, A Bit Of Fun…

What Kruger Park Animals Would Make A World Cup Football Dream Team?

Since it is currently the 2018 Russia Football World Cup, we thought we would have a bit of fun. We have decided to choose what animals would make it into our Stories Of The Kruger World Cup dream team! A bit silly, maybe, but hey, we have World Cup fever!

Picking our Kruger National Park dream team wasn’t easy, but we decided to go with a 4-4-2 formation to make things simple, and easier for us to pick which animals can play in what positions. Each animal found in the Kruger National Park have their own set of attributes and this is how we will fit them into our World Cup team.

Below you will see the 11 animals, and their positions, picked to play in the Kruger National Park World Cup dream team!



The Giraffe has to be the choice in goal due to it’s height and flexibility. No balls will get past the Giraffe in goal that is for sure!

Right Back

Spotted Hyaena

This determined scavenger has the stamina to take the ball upfield and come back to defend at any stage of the game.

Centre Back

African Elephant

Would there be any other animal that would be as good in defence as the Elephant? A first choice on the team sheet.

Centre Back


When you think of “solid as a rock”, the Rhino is first to come to mind, no player is getting past this powerful mammal.

Left Back

Black-backed Jackal

The surprise inclusion, and possible wild card is the cunning, smart and fast Black-backed Jackal, great at defence and attack.

Right Wing


This common, fast and agile antelope is perfect to play the role of a fast winger in the team, and as a herd animal, is a team player.

Central Defensive Midfielder


The master of camouflage and ambush is perfect to play the role of a defensive midfielders, controlling the gap between the defenders and attackers.

Central Attacking Midfielder


The Kudu has a mighty jump of 2.5 meters and is a strong antelope, a perfect combination to support the strikers up front.

Left Wing


Who else to play on the wing but the fastest land mammal on Earth, the African Cheetah! No explanation needed!


Wild Dog

One of the most successful predators (In terms of hunting) in the Kruger makes it a perfect fit as it will have hunger for goals as a striker.



Lions have so much strength, power and speed. What else do you need in the perfect striker? The African Lion finishes off our team and is the captain.

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