Imagery Tells The Best Stories – The Kruger Park

How I joined this amazing journey and how I add the magic touch.

Firstly, I need to clarify with (my head hung low), that I am one of “those” South Africans. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can move on to why this fact makes this journey all that more special.

Growing up with an English dad and Portuguese mom, there was never that patriotic drive to visit the South African wonders. I did visit the Lion Park and a few other reserves but never the Kruger Park. There was always the thought, “Oh, we should visit the Kruger one day.” One day, became no day.

This makes my approach to Stories of the Kruger one of excitement and wonderment with everything I see and do.

Working with Gareth for some time, we had a great understanding of what our strengths were and what we could both offer. So when he came to me with his plan, I was on board straight away.

I had never been there but the passion with which Aimee & Gareth described it and their dream, I was bowled over. Now I’m counting the minutes till my first glimpse of the most beautiful place on earth, which, thankfully, is going to be in September 2018.

So this brings us to the “what do I bring to the table question?”

What I lack in content or the physical Kruger experience, I make up with creativity and graphic design skills, adding dynamism to the project taking it to another level.

My job is to take the stories/experiences and bring them to life with visual and interactive wonder. I’m tasked to make the Kruger Park more real and personal and accessible to anyone who has or, like me, hasn’t visited this World Gem.

What does this involve?


  • All Imagery Assets
  • Logos
  • Content


  • Imagery
  • Content


  • Posting on all media platforms

So basically… Many hours in front of a screen and many more hours thinking and planning. But it’s time well spent for me, learning new things. And now I have a long list of things I cant wait to see.

Being a social media specialist is a bonus because it offers us the avenue to share our experiences with everyone; family, friends and strangers around the globe.

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