Kruger National Park Interesting Facts

The Kruger – The Greatest Game Reserve On Earth

The Kruger National Park has to be the greatest game reserve and wildlife conservancy in the World. From its long history to the current conservation efforts, if you take everything into account, it has been a long road to make the Kruger as special as it is.

Since this website is called Stories Of The Kruger, you may have read all sorts of information from the greatest of the National Parks in South Africa, so this page will basically be a quick overview of interesting facts and amazing photographs.

We could write a book about the Kruger National Park – which we will be doing, and we do have one out already – there is just so much to talk about, whether it is about the Big 5, culture or history.

Kruger National Park Fun Facts

The Kruger National Park was originally a protected area between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers, called the Sabie Game Reserve. The famous James Stevenson-Hamilton was the first Game Warden of the Sabie Game Reserve and did so much for the Kruger National Park during his stint that started in 1902. You can read all about him and the history at the museum in Skukuza named after him.

The Sabie Game Reserve and the Shingwedzi Game Reserve merged in May 1926 to create, what is now, the Kruger National Park. It was opened to the public and vehicles in 1927, and all hunting was strictly prohibited.

The cultural and archaeological history is rich and truly amazing. There are around 130-recorded pieces of rock art throughout the Kruger National Park, there are surely more that have not been discovered as yet. Thulamela and Masorini have some amazing ruins that can be viewed, and they are still very much in-tact.

Stone Age items have been found throughout the Kruger, in all sorts of different areas of the Park. This includes around 300 different archaeological sites from the Stone Age.

The World Famous Jock (Jock of the Bushveld) was born close to Pretoriuskop in the Kruger National Park.

You can find some really interesting information regarding Tourism and history in the park at this link on the SANPARKS website.

Kruger National Park Wildlife & Biodiversity

Once again, we could write a thousand pages about the wildlife and biodiversity of the Kruger National Park, but we have summarized it below:

Of the Big 5 National Parks, the Kruger National Park is in the lead by far, and if you have not visited this amazing sanctuary, you absolutely have to. We can only share so many stories and photographs. It is just one of those things in life you need to experience first hand! Use the SANPARKS website to book your trip online!

You can read more interesting facts on our older website, TheKruger.Com.

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